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Practical info







All the activities are free of charge, except for the two ones listed below. You can book these two activities through the form in the PROGRAM page:

  • Patterns for Decentralised Organising
  • SOUP





Room & board:

The organisation has worked with sponsors and partners to ensure that the events will be free of charge. Room and board expenses are to be paid by the participants.

** To take advantage of the facilities you should register by February 19th **

MEALS > with a daily contribution of 8€, we can have lunch all together.

ACCOMODATIONS > local facilities will offer accommodation in dormitories (4+ beds per room).

  • MODENA: Ostello San Filippo Neri, 15€ per person per night
  • ZOCCA: Ostello Antico Ospitale San Giacomo, about 10€ per person per night





Important dates:

Glocal Camp will take place in the following days and locations:

1/033/03 → Modena, Ovestlab

4/035/03 → Zocca

6/0310/03 → Modena, Ovestlab




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